Benefits of SAPS Membership

Included with the Yearly Membership
  • Access to our Online Meetings
  • All Webinars at any time: over 50 per Year.
  • Enjoy all our Live/Edited Video Surgeries
  • CME: 2 adittional Video Lectures everyweek (Over 100 per Year)
  • SAPS TV in Web, Mobile Apps and Television Apps (Yes We are like the Netflix of Plastic Surgery, you will be able to watch al the content in our dedicated TV apps)
  • Send your videos for Publication at the SAPS Online Video Journal in SAPS.TV Platform (Restrictions apply: Videos Must be elected for publishing by the board)
  • Additional Discounts for all our Yearly subscribed Members
  • 30% to 50 % Discount in immersion & dedicated Online or in presence courses or fellowships (Many to come)
  • 30% Discount in all in presence SAPS Meetings, Courses and Events (Any event organized by SAPS Academy)
  • 20 to 30% Discount in Some of the Best Plastic Surgery Meetings in the World. (See to know more)
  • Great discounts in products from the medical industry specially designed for SAPS Academy Members (Devices, Technology & Software)
  • What are you waiting? Join the SAPS Academy Membership Now (Only for Certified Plastic Surgeons)
  • Yearly Membership: 350 USD.

350 Usd

SAPS Academy Membership FAQ

What does it mean to be a full member of SAPS Academy?

Being a member means you can enjoy all the benefits we have put together for you. You can always have the best content as fast as you want it and how ever you wish. Apart of the vast content included in the membership and the nice ways to watch it. You can also enjoy great discounts to the main Plastic Surgery Meetings of the World and discounts from the medical industry. The value you save is incalculable.

What is included in my membership?

Please see the become a member section of this website to find out all the nice benefits.

How I can access the content?

You can access your content by using our web platform, our mobile apps or our TV Apps. The apps are in main app stores. Once you are in the app or the web, you just have to login with your username and password.  Additional info: in the upcoming content apps (SAPS TV APPS) days the apps will be ready to be downloaded, right now you can enjoy our networking app (SAPS Academy APP)

How do I enter the network and the group chats of SAPS Academy?

Once you become a member we will send you an instructional and welcome guide. If you don’t receive it in your inbox, please check your spam or contact us.

Can I have access to SAPS TV with my yearly membership?

Yes, being a member allows you to use all our technological resources and you can watch the content however you want it, wherever and whenever.

How can I Download the Apps?

Remember that we have 2 apps: 

  • SAPS Academy App: (Available in the App and Play Store), this is our networking and info app, here you can finde many resources and all the fun agenda of activities (This agenda keeps being updated)
  • SAPS TV App: This App will be ready to download at the end of May. And will be available to be downloaded for iPhones, androids, apple tv, Roku, Fire tv, Samsung TVs and LG TVs.

How Often I have to renew my SAPS Academy membership?

Your membership is valid for 1 year period, starting the day you are enrolled.

Is any Medical Doctor elegible to be a member of SAPS Academy?

NO, SAPS Membership is exclusive for Certified Plastic Surgeons. After you subscribe in the e-mail we sent you we will require the pertinent documentations that certifies you. Without this certifications your account will be removed from our platform.

When can I see the content?

As soon as you subscribe you can start enjoying all the content for a 1 year period and also take advantage of the other benefits.

Is the payment gateway safe?

Yes, SAPS New platform has a robust security system and all the secure payment certificates. The payment is integrated with stripe (Worlds largest payment platform), so this website doesn’t collect your payment, this is done by Stripe trough a secure integration we have with Stripe.

Can I watch the content if I am not a yearly Member of SAPS Academy?

You can rent individual content at the full prices listed if you are not a yearly member, they will have a week to be watched. But for sure if much better and cost-benefit to be a full member, the difference is huge.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, for sure, and you will still be able to enjoy the content until your membership expires. Once this happens, you will no longer have access to the benefits. But we are sure you are going to love it. We do this with a lot of passion.