About Us


SAPS Academy stands out as an independent Network of Physicians concerned about sharing and growing experience throughout the World, founded in 2014.

We are compromised in in delivering world class educational Meetings, innovation in e-based education and online learning spreading the new trends and techniques in plastic surgery.

On our educational offerings, we present our SAPS Meetings, Weekly Webinars and our innovation with the First World Online Plastic Surgery Meeting. Now we present the evolution in world wide education concept introducing SAPS-TV, where we get the opportunity to share content 24/7 arround the globe, with our usual distinctive in non conventional concepts. Our only drive is constant evolution withg the highest standards.


Our mission is to develop a strong and growing network of surgeons sharing the thrill of high quality and innovation in surgery and education.

Please explore our platform and experience more about our unique way of re-thinking medical education. Further questions can be sent directly, as well as new ideas to work together.

SAPS Founders


Humberto Uribe Morelli, MD

Humberto Uribe Morelli

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
SAPS Founder

Jaume Masia, MD

Jaume Masia

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
SAPS Founder

Juan Carlos Zambrano, MD

Juan Carlos Zambrano

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
SAPS Founder


Jennifer Gaona

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
SAPS Founder


When and Where was SAPS Academy founded?

SAPS Academy was founded in 2014 in Colombia by a group of Plastic Surgeons.

Why it was founded?

We believed the world needed an independent Educational Network without the bias of regional societies. We wanted to be able to share and grow the educational experiences throughout the World without barriers.

Who founded SAPS Academy?

3 Plastic Surgeons: Humberto Uribe Morelli (Colombia), Juan Carlos Zambrano (Colombia), Jaume Masia (Spain)

Is SAPS Academy a Country or Regional Society of Plastic Surgeons?

NO, SAPS Academy is not a conventional country or regional society and does not pretend to be. We are focused strictly on academics and entertainment for our members and we don’t want to be involved in governmental regulation issues.


What makes SAPS Academy Different?

Simply, there is no other Educational platform like SAPS Academy. Since we are not a country society, we are not biassed by politics driven or by friendship between a small or selected group of surgeons, (This is not the rule, but this happens in some places). 

We offer the best academic content, in the most innovative ways and full of entertainment. No other platform has the value resources and technologies we offer to our members.

What educational activities are done by SAPS?

We as an educational network do many in presence and online events or activities for our members. From Big meetings and congresses to all types of online education.

Who are the Professors & Speakers at SAPS Events?

At SAPS we created a worldwide network of innovators and referent surgeons, that share with us the passion of surgery and acknowledge the power of sharing.

Where are the SAPS events done?

Since we have different events trough the year, the in presence events are done in different locations. Cartagena (Colombia), Cancun & La Riviera Maya (Mexico), Bogota (Colombia), Sao Paulo (Brasil) and other places in the rest of the World are coming very soon. We always pick the best locations and the best exclusive resorts Hotels. But if you are in far from this places you can always enjoy all our content online in our www.saps.tv platform.

How SAPS present the educational content?

We have many different options: 

In presence: Meetings, courses, hands on training, cadaver workshops, fellowships, preceptorships and Master courses.

Online: Online meetings (SAPS Was the 1st Platform to do a complete World Online Plastic Surgery Meeting), Online courses, Online Fellowships, Webinars, Live or Video-edited surgeries, CME Content and many more.

Is SAPS Academy only for members?

The Complete benefit YES, but if you don’t have a full year membership, you can rent individual content at the full prices listed. They will have a week to be watched. But for sure is much better and cost-benefit to be a full member, the difference is huge.