About Us

Any plastic surgeon in the world can be part of SAPS Academy.


We are proud to be a world educational platform for all plastic surgeons, which moves to the rhythm of trends and creates lasting relationships that encourage continuous learning. Although there is an immense respect for the medical societies of each country and the work that they do, we feel our independence is vital to have free decision power in the aspects that we consider really important for our purpose, members and plastic surgery in general.

We are not a country society and we dont want or pretend to be this. We are just about academics and networking.

about saps educational academy

We envision a world where any Plastic Surgeon, anywhere, can improve their practice and their patien´s life by accessing the world’s best plastic surgery learning experience and networking.


SAPS EDUCATIONAL ACADEMY provides universal access to the world’s best Plastic Surgery Experiences, partnering with top actors, meetings, fellowships and organizations, to offer high quality continuos education and networking.
We love to help improve integrally all Plastic Surgeons in every stage of their development. This is our enduring cause; our higher purpose.
Our colleagues look to us to help them find easy and incredible learning opportunities – to seamlessly connect people, technology and valuable knowledge in real-time.